How exciting! You are among the first to see these paintings.
They were locked away in Mary Filer's home studio for decades, while she created her amazing glass sculptures, working till she was 88 years old.
A stroke forced her retirement, and in November 2013 the sale of her home at 1107 W7th Ave., Vancouver, BC.
I helped Rory Filer with the sale of some of her other artwork at that time.


The treasure house was opened!

I undertook to catalogue and save all the paintings she kept in the back store-room. About 700 of them... what a mega-project.
To my delight they included her West Coast period... exuberant celebrations of landscape, ocean and light, painted in the 1970s when she and my uncle Harold Spence-Sales lived in Victoria.
Here they are, for you to enjoy.

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The website is being created as I write, so check back again soon and you will find more.
The paintings will be for sale, but are not yet priced.


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